Support Resources


The principal location for getting assistance for ooRexx is SourceForge. It provides facilities for reporting bugs, feature requests, support requests and file downloads.

See the ooRexx on SourceForge page for all other support services provided.

Mailing Lists

To view the archives of the ooRexx mailing lists or to subscribe to them, visit the ooRexx mailing lists list.

Another useful mailing list for expert advice on Object Rexx and Rexx in general is the RexxLA Members mailing list. This list is available only to members of the Rexx Language Association.


ooRexx does not have a dedicated newsgroup for discussions. but the generic newsgroup: comp.lang.rexx is an ideal place to obtain further information.


Books on Object Rexx

  • Rexx Programmer's Reference (Sections on Open Object Rexx)
    Howard Fosdick
    Wiley Publishing, Inc. (2005)
    ISBN 0-7645-7996-7
    More details at Wrox. You can order the book at Amazon and Barnes & Noble
  • Object REXX for Windows NT and Windows 95 With OODialog Ueli Wahli, Ingo Holder, Trevor Turton
    Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-13-858028-6
    IBM form SG24-4825
  • Object REXX by Example Gwen L. Veneskey, Will Trosky, John J. Urbaniak, PhD
    Aviar Inc., ISBN 0-9652329-0-5
  • Object REXX for OS/2 Warp Trevor Turton, Ueli Wahli
    Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-13-273467-2
  • Object-Oriented Programming with REXX Tom Ender
    John Wiley and Sons, Inc. (1997)
    ISBN 0471-11844-3

Rexx Symposium Presentations on Object REXX

Here are some links to presentations made at various Rexx Symposia that are related to Object REXX:

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