Chapter 2. Installation

The RxFtp package is contained in the file rxftp.cls. This file must be placed in a directory listed in your PATH. To get access to the class and methods in the RxFtp package you must include a ::REQUIRES directive in any Object Rexx script that uses the class:

::requires "rxftp.cls"

You instantiate an instance of the class using the normal Object Rexx conventions.

myftpobj = .rxftp~new

Each instance of the class completely encapsulates a connection to an FTP server. This means that you can instantiate multiples instance of the class and have multiple open connections to FTP servers simultaneously.

Notes on Using RxFtp

  1. The FtpProxy method does not exist in the RxFtp class.

  2. Firewalls can prevent many of the RxFtp methods from working properly. Active and passive mode transfers can both be restricted by the use of firewalls. This especially applies to active mode transfers when the client is running a firewall locally (like WindowsXP SP2 or any modern Linux distribution).

  3. Each instance of the RxFtp class you instantiate has its own connection to an FTP server. Thus you can instantiate multiple instance of this class and connect to multiple FTP servers simultaneously. Also, each instance can be reused - the FtpLogoff method reinitializes the instance and a following FtpSetUser method can establish a new connection to an FTP server.